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About Us

Welcome To Harini Laundry Equipment and Services

Harini Laundry Equipment and Services is a leading manufacturer of expert laundry machinery with a wide-ranging variety of equipment including washer extractors, washers, hydro, dryers, and finishing equipment like vacuum tables, flatwork ironers, saree calendering machines, automatic pressing machines. Useful in setting up laundry processes for apartments, houses, and organizations like hotels, hospitals, pharma companies, etc.

Established in 1995 by Mr. Subrahmanyam — Managing Director of Harini Laundry Equipment. We are the manufacturers of all industrial laundry equipment & garment finishing equipment.

We are the innovators in the Industrial Laundry Machinery Manufacturers located in Jeedimetla Hyderabad, Telangana. If you are looking for a good quality laundry & finishing machinery, can once visit our site and get to know the detailed information about the quality of the products.

The Following Services Offered By our technical team for the planning and construction of complete laundry plants :

➢ Preliminary Study
➢ Technical & Economical Analysis
➢ Basic planning
➢ Machinery Supply & Installation
➢ Construction Overseeing
➢ Functional tests and starting of plant operation
➢ Personal Training
➢ Technical Advice & Services

Our Mission

Our mission is to help provide top quality laundry equipment for optimum laundry processing and provide exceptional and compassionate service you deserve. We assist you on every aspect of your laundry project from start to finish and ensure your success and efficiency.

Our Vision

We aim to become a leading company in the Indian market that provides top quality laundry equipment and continuously keeping track of market changes and customer requirement.

Our Strategy

Even the best solutions can be of no value if the people involved do not know how to utilize laundry equipment. Therefore, training is a vital role in our strategy. Our strategy is to build strong brands that consumers prefer, enabling us to have an unparalleled and sustainable leadership position.